Pat Elk

Sea Rose and the Carpenter Bee

The Sea Rose is such a beautiful flower, with its waxy and shiny petals it almost doesn’t seem real. I was lucky to get this photo just as the Carpenter Bee was approaching.

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  • Wendy Hembrow says:

    I have just read a poem called, ‘Letter to My Great, Great Grandchild’ by J P Grasser.
    It is rather wonderful in many ways.
    It mentioned that the sea rose flower only opens its petals to the musical note middle ‘c’, made by the humming wings of the carpenter bee, seeking its nectar.
    I was astonished at that and had to look it up. So here I am asking you to read the beautiful, affecting poem, and, to incidentally, ask, ‘did you know that this particular flower, and this particular bee, are so in harmony with each other in this musical way?’
    Another wonder of the way our world works. As is poetry from the human soul.

    • Lisa T says:

      I also came to this site while researching references in the poem, Letter to My Great, Great Grandchild by J.P. Grasser.
      Beautiful shot. I hope people who see it also consider the interdependence of animal and plant life. All life on this planet.

    • Pat says:

      Wow! Thank you so much, that is such a beautiful rendition and so beautifully showcases this image. Amazing information, you have widened my horizon 🙂

    • Pat says:

      When I photographed this, I did not know of that magical, musical harmony, i was just drinking in the beauty 🙂

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