Sea Rose and the Carpenter Bee

Sea Rose and bbee The Sea Rose is such a beautiful flower, with its waxy and shiny petals it almost doesn't seem real. I was lucky to get this photo just as the Carpenter Bee was approaching.

Day 186 A Delicate Bloom

Melaspherula ramosa Such a beautiful and delicate little flower seen at Kirstenbosch. Melaspherula ramosa.

Day 130 Wild Sunflowers

Butter Daisy:Wild sunflower Verbesina enceloides Wild Sunflower or Butter Daisy found this on the recently cleared stands in Parklands, a wildflower of the Western Cape.

Day 122 Perfect Blossom

Wild geranium Geranium incanum Always a pleasure to come across the perfect, fragile looking blossom of the Wild Geranium - Geranium incanum.

Day 111 Fields Of Blue

agapanth The swathes of Agapanthus flowering at Kirstenbosch look like fields of blue, so beautiful.

Day 61 Blue, Blue My Heart Is True

Blue flower The blue of this flower just made my heart sing, nature is so beautiful.

Day 13 A Beautiful Mountain Dahlia

mountain Dahlia The number 13 has always been a lucky day for me and I chose a beautiful Mountain Dahlia for my lucky day. Found at Kirstenbosch.