Day 6 Art In Photography

Art in photo What a spectacular find! A photo turned into art by a photographer Willem Fritz it has such a mesmerising pattern and the colour is so stunning. An Agapanthus like you never imagined, so fresh and beautiful. Thank you Willem for allowing me to share your photo, it deserves to be seen :)

What A Name For Such A Cute Bird

A Levaillant's Cisticola, so pretty and cute but it has been given a really heavy name for such a tiny little bird.

White Daisies At Springtime

White daisies Love the spring flowers that are carpeting the West Coast National Park right now. Spectacular colours and you need to get down to ground level to see the real gems, tiny orchid like blossoms and many more. Got to go back before the end of September, before the Postberg part of the park closes again. Want to get some more pics of the baby zebra and the baby bontebok.

Oh Yum!

Yum This is so yummy, can hardly wait to sink my teeth into it.

Abstract pic of the day – 9th April 2013

Abstract An abstract pic with colours, light and texture.