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Day 19 Pancakes With Just 2 Ingredients

So the internet has been going crazy about making pancakes or flapjacks as we would call them, with just 2 ingredients. Well first of all I thought it was just a lot of rubbish because how can just those 2 ingredients make anything as stable as a pancake?

So the recipe goes like this: slice one ripe banana into a bowl and mash the banana up, break two eggs into the mashed banana and mix well or beat or just put everything into a blender and pulse until mixed. Either spray your frying pan with a non-stick cooking spray, some coconut oil or a knob of good old butter would do the trick too. Get your pan nice and hot and then drop spoonfuls into the pan, as soon as it is browned turn it over and repeat on the other side, just takes a minute or two.

6 pancakes

Well, I tried it and it does work, a little thinner than our good old flapjacks but not bad at all, the mixture produced 6 pancakes. The texture is much lighter and a little different but a great recipe for anyone on a diet or on the banting diet. I think it could be tweaked with the addition of some desiccated coconut or some almond flour but I am sure with a bit of imagination this recipe could be tweaked in any direction.

Try it and enjoy.

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