Pat Elk

Day 4 And A Remedy To Get Rid Of Flies.

Do you have loads of flies flitting around your kitchen? I do especially when preparing meat for cooking, so the other day I saw this tip and thought OK why not try it, it seems simple enough and won’t cost a fortune if it doesn’t work.

You need one fresh lemon and quite a few cloves, prick holes in the lemon (as many as you like) and insert the cloves into the holes.

I decided to stand mine in a little jar on my kitchen counter, it looks quite nice there anyway. The first day it didn’t seem to make much difference, second day one fly flew in circled and flew straight out again and since then not one fly in my kitchen. It has lasted just more than a week before the lemon went off and I just threw it away and made a new one. Still no flies.

lemclv 2

Some folk say it works and others swear it does nothing at all. Try it and see for yourself. Urban legend or not?

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