Day 137 Majestic Eland

Eland On a trip to the West Coast National Park we encountered so many of these magnificent Eland.

Day 104 Blue Flax

Blue Flax one Flax is also known as common flax or linseed. Grown mainly for its oil and nutritional value the fibres from the plant are also used for making linen. Who would have believed that such a delicate looking flower could have so many uses?

Day 89 Islands In The Sun

Islands in the sun The pattern of these little tidal, marsh pools caught my eye in the West Coast National Park, little Islands in the sun.

Day 79 My Biggest Fear – Spiders

Bab spider My biggest fear is spiders, I think they call this fear Arachnophobia, when I encounter spiders it is almost as though I am having a panic attack. We met this huge Baboon Spider in the West Coast National Park. Urrrgh!

Day 65 The Pulpit At Langebaan

Langebaan pulpit The Pulpit or more commonly known as Preekstoel to the locals, looks out over the beautiful blue water of the lagoon in the West Coast National Park.

White Daisies At Springtime

White daisies Love the spring flowers that are carpeting the West Coast National Park right now. Spectacular colours and you need to get down to ground level to see the real gems, tiny orchid like blossoms and many more. Got to go back before the end of September, before the Postberg part of the park closes again. Want to get some more pics of the baby zebra and the baby bontebok.

A Reminder That After Winter Comes Spring

Postberg spring flowers last year.