Day 64 My Fairy Space Story

Fairy Space I share my Garden Space with many varied creatures, animals, insects, reptiles, humans and the wee fey folk, more commonly known as Fairies. Green Fairies that bring peace, love and abundance. Usually found among the ferns and foliage. Yellow Sunshine Fairies that bring warmth, space and fertility. Their shining faces can be found among the Marigolds, Roses and Daisies. Purple Fairies, the bringers of spirituality, higher understanding and serenity. Favourite hideaways are in the Lavender, Pansies and Violas. Pink, delicate Fairies, the rulers of the heart, sending special messages about how important this factor is in reality. They love snuggling in among the highly scented Rose Blossoms, peeping out occasionally to whisper …. don’t forget to tell someone that you love them! Blood Red Fairies, the grounding Fairies, Their message to us is to keep our feet firmly on the ground and our minds on the reality in our lives. Their hiding places are among the Bouganvillea, Pointsettias and Berries on the various trees and shrubs. The Blue Fairies (my favourite, all though I love them all), misty, wispy little creatures weaving their magic on us all. Their message is serenity, belief and love for yourself, cherishing all the aspects of what you have in your life, reaching out to others in need. They can be found all around, now on the Plumbago, then in the air, later around the water, sometimes just by the front gate as I’m going out, just to sprinkle some magic dust on me for protection. All the Fairies have sent out invitations to others telling them of my Garden Space. I hope to share more about them later on.