Day 338 Double-Collared Sunbird

SDC sunbird The Double-collared Sunbird looking so handsome in his coat of many colours.

Day 324 Female Sunbird

fem DC Sunbird The female Double-collared sunbird does not have the brilliant gemlike colours like the male but I think she is beautiful too.

Day 311 A New Visitor To Our Garden

Malachite sunbird 3 I planted this Wild Dagga plant just over a year ago and this is the first flowering. Look who came visiting, a Malachite Sunbird, what a reward :)

Day 213 Orange-Breasted Sunbird

Or Breast sbird How beautiful are these colours?

Day 112 Orange Breasted Sunbird At Kirstenbosch

Orng br Sunbird 2 Orange-breasted Sunbirds are everywhere in Kirstenbosch at the moment, flitting like glittering gems amongst the flowers.

My pic of the day – 2nd April 2013

A Southern Double-collared Sunbird