Beauty Of The African Purple Swamphen

Swamp1 The African Purple Swamphen (previously Purple Gallinule) is such an amazing bird and to me one of the most beautiful yet curious birds. Sort of a cross between some prehistoric bird and a peacock with its huge beak and rainbow colours. Swamp ruff The Swamphen is really a shy and very skittish bird and it has taken me many visits to get some photos of it even remotely in the open. I love the colour range from the turquoise in the face to deep purple on the body and neck to the green back feathers. ASH Swamphens mostly feed on reeds which they rip out with that strong beak, they then peel off the outer layer to get to the soft white core of the reed which it holds in feet the size of gigantic spiders, ending in vampire-like claws. ASH 3 This African Purple Swamphen seems to have made this particular pond his home for now and I have to admit that I hope it makes this pond a permanent home.