Life in the Times of the Coronavirus!

Mtshlvs Life in the times of the Coronavirus (Covid19) feels like you are in the twilight zone, not quite believing what is happening. This is what the shelves of the meat aisle look like at our local supermarket, while the butcher shop across from the supermarket has full shelves of meat? So many essential items sold out with the panic buying that is happening now, we really need to just.calm.down, take a chill pill, stay at home and out of the supermarkets.

The Red Door

Dway2 This red door reminded me of that song "The Old Red Door" last verse- "living like it's always Friday night, behind that old red door. Yeah we're living like its always Friday night, behind that old red door"

Wall Mural

Wall This cute wall mural caught my eye, I don't know if it is an advert or what it represents? If you know please let me know.

Day 365 Out With The Old And In With The New

happy new year_Fotor Happy New Year to all. Last day of the year 2015 and last year's New Year resolution kept, one photo uploaded every day for the whole year. So proud that I made it :)

Day 342 Sheep With A Radio Collar

Sheep radio tag We saw this herd of sheep out in the agricultural lands but just this one was wearing a radio collar. I wonder why?

Day 319 Crazy Doorlock

Door lock knob Saw this crazy skull door lock on a snazzy old model car, quite creepy.

Day 317 Green Marshy Mounds

green mounds My eye is always attracted to patterns and textures, these are grassy mounds that I saw in the marshes.

Day 310 Advent Calendars

advent calendar The Advent Calendars are out already and guess who ate all the chocolates right away?

Day 306 Inviting Fountain

Garden tap The water in this fountain looked so inviting. Photo sent to me by my Friends Anne and Barry from their trip overseas.

Day 303 How Much Would This Buy Me

Zim 50 billion I wonder how much this Zimbabwe 50 Billion note could buy for me?